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10-Nov-2017 13:20

I just don't understand why people would like him and why he would be redeemed or even be with anybody.

HINATA-ANYBODY (EXCEPT NARUTO) Why do people have so many where she either cheats on naruto or she hates him or she is with someone else, or finally where there are fics that make out to be a whore like having a harem of guys that is sick.

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If you also support such an option for whatever reason, please place it somewhere on your profile and e-mail the people who run this site until they implement it. I like fanfiction really I do, but I hate wasting my time on fics that ultimately ruined themselves.

She will never love anyone but naruto in that way you are sick if you think she would be with anyone else.

GINNY W-ANYBODY (EXCEPT HARRY)ALL YAOI IT IS DISGUSTINGMost Hated Characters For Naruto Sasuke- The bastard is arrogant, believes he is unbeatable because he is an Uchiha and has MT.

Naruto-Harem (Hinata has to be in it if she is in the fic)This is for all those hate naru/hina pairing FUCK YOU so what if the pairing is used a lot that just means that the pairing is one that is really popular for it to be used so much and to hate this pairing simply because it is used a lot is ridiculous and pathetic reason to hate it.

Any fic that has hinata and naruto in it and they are not together to me is a complete waste of time to even try to read.

I am not impressed, with the hand to hand fighting my ability to fight trippled after six months, two days a week and only 45 minute lessons, you can see why I am not impressed.