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It's a gorgeously girly look that has got us thinking about what we're going to wear next time we've got a day at the races or even a wedding to go to...Check out the high neck and heavy embroidery on this dress, which features chiffon panels to give the skirt that extra bit of twirl-ability.The tender moment between Kate Winslet and Leonardo Di Caprio's characters takes place seconds after Rose utters the infamous line, 'I'm flying' as Rose perches with her arms outstretched on the bow of the ship as Jack holds her tight. Ezio: Do not let a beautiful girl distract you from constructing my designs. The same blaze that condemned me was the same that had mercilessly condemned him. Show bosses are hoping the shower isn't the only thing steamy this series, with Love Island-style romps will rub off on I'm a Celeb to create ratings magic.

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One insider close to Harry said that after the polo there was a late night party where picture-taking was banned to put the celebrities at ease.If someone can sustain a good intellectual Ā­conversation, I find that very attractive."But viewers are already predicting that Toff will instead 'couple-up' with blogger Jack Maynard over Hollyoaks hunk Jamie Lomas.