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11-Aug-2017 20:01

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The other group also listened to music and received visualisation classes for 25 minutes every day for three weeks.

Results found that the group who listened to music and used imagery experienced better pain relief than the group who did not.

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Scientists claim it can increase your endurance, boost your mood and can distract you from any discomfort experienced during your workout.

And experts say that apart from physical tension, music also reduces psychological tension in our mind.

In order to train to be ballroom dancers, they had to leave every morning at am and take the subway by themselves.… continue reading »

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(Frisk the pocket of the thief who was arrested.) Word: kapkap2 Active Verb: kumapkap Passive Verb: kapkapin English Definition: 1) frisk (noun) 2) to frisk something or someone (verb) Examples: 1) Kumapkap ka ng pera sa bulsa ko.… continue reading »

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Get-Mailbox Database | select name,offlineaddressbook | sort name Name Offline Address Book ---- ------------------ MB-BR-01 Default Offline Address Book MB-BR-02 MB-HO-01 Default Offline Address Book MB-HO-02 MB-HO-04 MB-HO-Archive As you can see only two of the six databases in the Exchange Server Pro organization have an offline address book configured.… continue reading »

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