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Serial numbers are usually on the back of the seat-tube, although there are some reports of the "Twenty" having them on the left rear drop-out.

From 1966-1973 Raleigh used a serial number system with a letter code indicating the year of manufacture hence:1966 - A1967 - B 1968 - C (First year of manufacture for the "Twenty")1969 - D1970 - E1971 - F1972 - G1973 - HSome cross-overs at the start and finish of years did occur, so it is not 100% accurate, but it is a good indication. It was two letters followed by a series of numbers. My "Twenty" is NA5000029."N" - Should be the first letter for the Raleigh Twenty, denoting "Nottingham""A" - A-Z indicating which fortnight of the year that the frame was made."5" - A number from 0-9, the last digit of the year in which the frame was built.

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Raleigh were to manufacture it, but dealings went sour and Moulton bicycles were manufactured elsewhere.

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Usually, a hub is built into a bicycle wheel within a couple of months of manufacture, and the practice has been to date bicycles with 11 or 12 month codes as being of the following year.

eg 72-11 indicates a manufacture of November 1972, but the bicycle would be said to be a 1973 model.