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10-Sep-2017 20:49

You are basically asking her if she is still attracted to you and making sure the date is going well. That question will actually cause her to become upset and lose attraction for her.You are worried that not everything is going as planned and your question becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.In time you will start to anticipate that anxiety rising and you will breathe deeply to relax yourself.Think of a time when you felt extremely comfortable and relaxed when interacting with other people.This doesn’t mean for you to become snobbish and disinterested in the person you are talking to.Aloof might seem like a good idea but it is the wrong way to go about getting women attracted to you.It’s my complete disregard for their approval that allows me to get away with anything while creating more and more attraction. Stop Asking if she is ok Asking if someone is ok when they are visibly upset or crying is fine but asking a girl if she is ok during a date is not.When you are out on a date with a girl and you ask her if she is ok, she feels your neediness. The very act of asking will cause the dynamic of the date to change.

When you follow your joke up with just kidding the only thing she hears is I’m sorry, please, please, please don’t disapprove of me, you still like me right?

You can stop talking as much and everything will be OK.

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