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10-Oct-2017 05:09

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So ladies, and this is breaking news, as you read this, chances are that man you still call bae or sweetheart dumped you a while back, but is yet to officially communicate or show it. Guys prone to mistakes, giving ladies ammunition It’s unfortunate that, unlike women, men don’t have the luxury of excuses women have for dumping a partner.You can imagine how ridiculous and silly it can sound when a man tells a woman whom he wants to dump sissies stuff like, “it’s not you, it’s me” or “let’s just be friends”!A while back, popular radio host, Maina Kageni of Classic FM made a mistake of asking his female listeners how — and the reasons as to why — they break up with their partners.The show ended, with a barrage of reasons coming from women fast and furious.Basically, when it comes to, for instance, cheating, men — like clumsy hyenas that some of them are — tend to be more prone to silly blunders, which makes it very easy for them to be caught and dumped. From lodging receipts and used condoms forgotten in pockets to incriminating Facebook, SMS and Whats App chats.Because of these stupid mistakes, it only takes a conniving woman a week or so to catch and dump a cheating man.Interestingly, it still looked like the women were just warming up for more reasons.From the conversations, one conclusion made was that it’s way much easier for women to break-up with their partners than the reverse.

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So each time they sleep with a man, they make him feel indebted.Or even a case of a man officially ending a relationship with his girlfriend?

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