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Though he is believed to have only a few hundred soldiers scattered over a wide area, Kony has with scary efficiency brought death and displacement to this largely forgotten corner of Africa.

One casualty is 8-year-old Foster Mizeredi, taken with his sister during a raid on his village in Congo last year.

Keep up with this story and more The hunt for Kony, known as Operation Lightning Thunder, now takes place across four countries and involves several thousand troops, at least 100 of them American.

The warlord got international attention after a 30-minute video on him produced by the American NGO Invisible Children became a viral You Tube phenomenon last month, drawing more than 87.5 million views.

But Kony took up her mantle, donning women’s robes and leading an army of devoted holy warriors into the bush.

Kony was raised as a quiet boy; he didn’t like to fight, and his father was a catechist in the church.

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A young Ugandan soldier in front had raised a clenched fist: the sign to stop. This inhospitable swath of jungle in the Central African Republic is ground zero in the search for Kony’s LRA. It is estimated that the LRA has killed upwards of 70,000 civilians, kidnapped some 40,000 children, and displaced hundreds of thousands of people in four countries.

With their AK-47s raised, Kidega and his men silently scanned the jungle for any signs of the enemy, such as fresh tracks or trampled brush. The movement, which has now descended into butchery, rape, and even cannibalism, began in 1986 as a popular insurrection against Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni.

Initially many in northern Uganda supported the rebellion against Museveni, whose army ruthlessly persecuted the Acholi people in the north.

Ugandan officials say the logistical and technical support is crucial, especially the service of a U. surveillance aircraft that makes regular sorties over the jungle, looking for traces of enemy fires or any human movement in the thick canopy.

In the dry season, between November and April, water is scarce and so is food.Eventually, however, the warlord’s insurgency lost steam, and Kony turned on his own people, accusing them of sinning against God.