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Believing it had the right to "nullify" an act of Congress, South Carolina overturned the Tariff of 1832.

Jackson warned the errant state that it had no such right and sent troops to Charleston to make certain the Tariff was collected.

As population in the North swelled, population in the South it remained stagnant.

The Northern economy manufactured goods it wanted to sell abroad, but more importantly, at home.

Northerners looked to the government for help with immigration, population and competition.

Frequently the two goals of the regions were at direct odds with each other.

Northern manufacturers wanted tariffs imposed on imported foreign goods that could be made in the United States to ensure that the South bought northern goods.

The agrarian South demanded almost a "status quo" government which left them alone while dealing with other problems.

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By 1820, Southerners had long ago given up on maintaining a majority in the House of Representatives.Four years later Jackson defeated Adams, starting the only two-term Presidency between the Compromise of 1820 and the Civil War.