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You'll have to push the car off the bridge onto the gravel road to get it to start.The poster tried this once and it started right back up.Its has been reported that if you look into the cabin the bible will be closed, and if you go to the top of the hill and touch the cross, go back and the bible will be open.This happens regardless of the fact that it is completely secured.You can see peculiar lights like sets of eyes that blink every now and then, under the bridge, in the trees along the creek, and in the cemetery up on the hill by the creek.Also, if you go out on a dark night, when there has been no running water..forever, stop your car on the bridge, and roll down your windows, you can hear what sounds like water running in the creek, but also strangely, foot steps in the weeds and leaves.When you sit in the ledge of the bridge, take your shoes off, and dangle your feet above the creek, you can feel a weird tickling feeling on your feet.Myth says it's the slave children drown there tickling your feet.

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This is an old one room cabin that sits at the bottom of a large hill.

The kitchen area has poltergeist activity: heavy coffee container thrown to the floor when no one was near it, stove burners turn on by themselves.