Stop dating these people

12-Sep-2017 05:06

It takes two to tango, as they say, so if you find yourself always dancing with dudes with face tattoos, you have to stop and think about the choices you are making.

But since you asked, I definitely have something to say about it: Decide what you would like vision of the future, and then when you meet people, try to figure out if it would be fun to create that future together.

Even all that poetry junk that Jane was saying about waking up in bed next to a swamp creature, they should at the very least be a VERY KIND AND SWEET SWAMP CREATURE WHO LOVES YOU FOR BEING THE CAVE GOBLIN THAT YOU ARE. There is no reason that swamp creatures cannot love other swamp creatures, or cave goblins lay with cave goblins.) My guess is that it goes back to this idea of her needing to figure out what she wants.

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