Updating nba 2k9 rosters

14-Jul-2017 00:57

Basically, you're going to have really up-to-date rosters; if that's important to you, you'll enjoy the feature.If you were pretty happy with the frequency of roster updates in previous years, you won't get as much out of it.

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Live 09 is the latest EA Sports game to include the Be a Pro mode found in NHL 09 and FIFA 09.

NBA Live 09 doesn't make the same leap forward that 08 made, and the much-hyped dynamic DNA feature has little effect on the gameplay.

However, new pick-and-roll controls, as well as signature playcalling, make this Live the best in several years.

Dribble moves with the right analog stick are quite often ineffective, thanks to some unseen gravitational field defenders have that keeps them close.

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Instead, you'll sometimes have to wait for the CPU to make a bad double-team so you can hit a teammate near the rim (you'll need to use icon passing, since regular passes rarely seem to go where you want) for an easy dunk.

Poor reaction time is also a problem with user-controlled rebounding; it seems no matter how early, on time, or late you jump, you're going to miss the ball a good portion of the time.