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13-Aug-2017 01:29

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The work is closely coordinated with the development of XSLT by the XSL Working Group; the two groups share responsibility for XPath, which is a subset of XQuery.XQuery 1.0 became a W3C Recommendation on January 23, 2007."The mission of the XML Query project is to provide flexible query facilities to extract data from real and virtual documents on the World Wide Web, therefore finally providing the needed interaction between the Web world and the database world.Ultimately, collections of XML files will be accessed like databases".The sample XQuery code below lists the unique speakers in each act of Shakespeare's play Hamlet, encoded in All XQuery constructs for performing computations are expressions.

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It supplements this with a SQL-like "FLWOR expression" for performing joins.

Both languages have similar expressive power, though XSLT 2.0 has many features that are missing from XQuery 1.0, such as grouping, number and date formatting, and greater control over XML namespaces.

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